Bars & Pubs

The Garden By Social is a unique gathering of diverse cultures, bringing together a collection of small bars and pubs that cater to the specific needs of Dubai's food and beverage scene. Each mini bar offers a personalized experience, ensuring that every customers are satisfied. The design of The Garden By Social seamlessly blends with the individual concepts and styles of each mini bar, guaranteeing long-term sustainability and success for the project. Embracing the latest technology, the entire space is equipped with innovative solutions that are highly valued in the food and beverage industry today. Behind the scenes, there is a shared back-of-house area that serves all the mini bars, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency. The heart of The Garden By Social is a vibrant common space, acting as a central hub that brings all the mini bars together. This lively area hosts live entertainment, performances, and a calendar of exciting events throughout the year. Set in trendy locations across Dubai, The Garden By Social introduces a fresh and groundbreaking approach to the traditional bar experience, serving award-winning cocktails and tantalizing flavors.